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The history behind our luxury resort, our promise to our guests, and the awards we've picked up along the way - read more about the story of Hermitage Bay here.


In 2003, Andy Thesen, the owner of Hermitage Bay and an avid environmentalist, embarked on the development of the bay with a strong sense of the responsibility he had to retain the spirit of this beautiful, unspoilt and peaceful place.

A small team started to clear small areas on the hillside overlooking the bay by hand. Sustainable building materials were used for the construction, and the resort was built to blend in naturally with the bay. We still adhere to these principles today, and make conscientious efforts to use solar energy technologies, natural detergents and beauty products, and locally grown fruits and vegetables.


The owner of our resort, Andy, joined Sarah from Luxury Travel Insider, to discuss what makes Antigua so special, his ideas about relaxation and rejuvenation, and how the team creates such a warm, family atmosphere at the resort.

The full podcast is available to listen to now.

The team

The team at Hermitage Bay are the heart and soul of the resort. They are caring, friendly, efficient and discreet. But what makes them really special are the sincere smiles, genuine kindnesses and unique personalities that shine through when you interact with them.

We have harnessed a little corner of the Caribbean and created a place that celebrates its beauty, peace and warmth. Hermitage Bay and its people have become an embodiment of unspoilt Caribbean soul and we are thrilled to share that with you.