Sustainability at Hermitage Bay

We're committed to delivering peace and tranquility in a healthy environment that promotes the natural, from the warmth of the green landscape behind our resort to the flavours of the organic cuisine that we serve in the restaurant.


We're dedicated to creating a haven for those who desire to be in harmony with nature and immerse themselves in a place of natural beauty.

In our efforts to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainability, we, the management team and staff of Hermitage Bay, have embraced the following goals and objectives:

  • To manage all natural resources and non-renewable products in a sustainable manner
  • To ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into the business’ decision-making processes using the triple-bottom-line model, encompassing environmental, social and economic concerns
  • To address waste management in accordance with the 4 R principles (rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle) in accordance with issues of import identified at a national level
  • To seek the support of suppliers and other stakeholders in our efforts to minimise the production of waste, while maximising the efficient and wise use of the natural resources we require for our operations
  • To foster social and environmental initiatives towards community development and, by extension, national development
  • To operate in such a way as to satisfy the legislative framework and regulations of the island of Antigua in compliance with stated policies for the property (purchasing, mission statement, etc.), and advocate, whenever possible, for a more sustainable framework for the development of the island
  • To conduct operations in accordance with labour codes of practice and to ensure the property adheres to stated international guidelines (ILO), while treating staff in a manner that exceeds these protocols
  • To provide healthy, nutritious meals and, as far as possible, use local and traditional sources that will enhance the quality of the cuisine while ensuring guest satisfaction and safety
  • To maintain the organic garden that provides the kitchen with produce and herbs, whilst also addressing the education of stakeholders on recycling and composting of kitchen waste
  • To implement programmes and activities to reduce the carbon footprint of the property
  • To do all within our power to conserve the natural ecosystems and habitats surrounding the property, with special concern for the mangrove lagoon and forest within which the facility lies
  • To make all stakeholders, staff, guests and suppliers aware of the environmental policies and procedures associated with our immediate environs
  • To engage all relevant parties and the community, wherever possible, in environmental awareness training
  • To act responsibly in addressing our environmental performance through the development and maintenance of an adequate system of management which includes measurement, assessments and continuous improvement
  • To continue to employ individuals from the surrounding community in order to promote economic and social growth, while providing them with a work environment where they can aspire to achieve their potential at all levels within the company
  • To support the local community and national development by committing to the purchase of local goods and services, providing they have no adverse effect on the hotel’s general operations or have a negative environmental or social impact
  • To provide relevant local, regional and international agencies with yearly performance data on request (e.g. CAST, Green Globe)

By committing to these measures and principles, Hermitage Bay will be a hallmark facility for sustainable tourism in Antigua and the wider Caribbean, while continuing to meet the highest standards of guest service quality.