Garden Spa

Relax and restore

Treatments designed to bring about physical, emotional and spiritual renewal

Nestled high in the hills that overlook the bay and surrounded by fragrant tropical gardens, the Garden Spa is a peaceful retreat offering a range of luxury treatments and bespoke healing rituals designed to relax, restore, and rejuvenate.

Our unique range of therapies correspond with the Chakra systems of the body and bring about physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. They may be taken in the spa itself or in the privacy of your suite from 10am to 7pm daily.


Our signature Siddhartha treatment rituals were created so that couples can unwind in unity. All rituals are performed in your suite and use the fragrant Dorissima Siddhartha line of aphrodisiac spa products which fill the air with sensual aromas of vanilla, tonka and grapefruit.

Treatments commence with a decadent foot cleansing ritual that combines warm aromatic waters with Himalayan salts to smooth and purify. An exotic blend of Siddhartha tea is served before each treatment in preparation for a blissfully romantic spa journey, and after your massage, you'll both unwind with a glass of Champagne on your veranda.

“Rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun” Bob Marley

Dorissima colour rituals

Each one of our Dorissima colour rituals corresponds to a particular Chakra system of the body. Your treatment room is bathed in gentle coloured light to stimulate the senses, while the healing effects of soft music and aromatherapy combine to create your own personal, sacred healing space.

Each ritual begins with a refreshing foot bath that combines pure Himalayan salts, selected fruits or flowers with specially blended essential oils. A herbal tea is provided to aid in your pre-massage relaxation, soothe the body and focus the mind on the positive affirmations that will enrich and heighten your treatment experience.

Siddharta Facial Treatment

The ultra-decadent Siddharta Facial Treatment uses the exotic Siddharta range of products with oils of vanilla, tonka and grapefruit. This luxuriously indulgent treatment is perfect for couples, but can also be enjoyed alone.

Goldmund Facial Treatment

The Goldmund Facial Treatment is specially formulated for women and uses the Algae Marine product range. It is a heavenly treatment which includes a soft pressure facial massage, facial mask and holistic foot massage.

Narzib Facial Treatment

Designed specifically for men, this holistic facial treatment uses the Fresh and Fruit range of products and includes the ultimate in relaxation - a soft pressure facial massage and a holistic foot massage.